Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” - Gail Devers

Saturday, March 6, 2010

No more tears

So God has a sense of humor. Seems every time I have a plan, He has another plan...and this has been the case several times this past week.

We were able to get the deposit money together for the house. However, before we actually had it in hand, somebody else beat us to it. We're pretty bummed, but we're still looking for another opportunity. I just have to get my babies out of this ghetto neighborhood...and the sooner, the better.

As for the test, I didn't do so well again. I've cried a lot of tears this week over it. I'm studying and trying my best, but it's just not enough this semester. I'm really scared I'm not going to pass and graduate in May. Guess we'll see what God has planned here.

As I mentioned before, I'm also planning another surrogacy. The embryo transfer was to take place very soon, but there has been an error with the lab. They're unsure how to thaw the embryos with the way they were frozen at the previous lab. Needless to say, the IPs and I are beyond frustrated and angry that this wasn't thought of before now. We're hoping to get someone from the previous lab to come thaw the embryos for us before transfer, but we're not yet sure if it will happen. We should know something this week.

So, again, God is showing me who's boss and that my plans mean nothing in the big scheme of things. I know He knows what's best, so I'm leaving it all in His hands. I just hope and pray something good happens soon, as I'm really tired of crying. This isn't me and I need to be back to my happy, optimistic self. Perhaps if I just stop trying to plan my life and let God do it, I will be happier.


  1. i'm sure everything will work out wonderfully for you. Are you starting another blog for this journey?

  2. Thanks. No, I plan to post it all here. :)